1.8 20v turbo head sourcing/fixing

RM waves at epix.net
Thu Apr 4 12:42:31 EST 2002

We are just beginning to see these 20 valve 1.8 turbos come into our show
with broken timing belts. We actually had two come in today alone (one
passat and one A4). The shop manual i have does not specify an interval in
which they need to be changed. More importantly, what's the course of action
when these heads are pulled, as far as repair or replacing? The Passat head
bent just about all of the valves and it's a stick shift car. The A4 was
coming to a stop whenthe belt flew. However it is an auto trans car, and
with an AT, it's my experience that as long as the rpms' were not too high,
there is a slight possibility that the valves could be OK. Then again, with
as small as the valve looks, I'll bet you can't get away with that
assumption any longer. Any info would be helpful, as far as sourcing rebuilt
heads. Please CC waves at epix.net with your reply, thanks!

Rolf Mair
Mair's Continental Motors

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