Power upgrade

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Thu Apr 4 18:07:31 EST 2002

> Keith here,1984 5knt,whatwould be the first step to getting more power from
> my engine short of slapping a turbo on?

1. tune up (ignition, filters, adjustments, check OXS, etc.)
2. tune up (check for vacuum leaks etc.)
3. tune up (really, tune it up before trying to "add power"!)
4. Advance timing to about 12-15 degrees BTDC
2. 4kq exhaust manifold and downpipe
3. Blau cam (I say Blau becuase it's the first halfway decently priced

> I am having some loss of power going
> up steeper hills on I-5 here in southern OR,that I don`t remember having
> with any of my previous 4ks.

the '84 5k has the same 2.2 enigne the 4kq had, pushing a heavier car
with better aerodynamics.  So hill climbing would be their weakness
against the lighter brick shaped car, right?

> Is there a chip out there for 84`s?


> Advancing timing?

Yup, see above

> Diff sparkplugs?

Sort of, see #1 above

> I don`t burn much oil between changes(maybe 1/2 to
> 3/4 of a quart)I am now changing spark plug wires Air/Fuel filters and
> waiting for recommendations for sparkplugs.

that's good.  spark plugs are like oil choice, a bit of a religios
thing.  I like the $4 Bosch platinums, they last a *long* time and work
well.  But any new, properly gapped plug ought to be a good thing.  Do
your cap and rotor as well - I would put their life at 15-20k miles

Clena up the engine compartment - and undo, clean and protect (with
dielectric grease) all the underhood electrical connections.  The 84's
were rather poorly sealed from what I've seen.

Huw Powell



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