1.8 20v turbo head sourcing/fixing

Kev the Brit quattrohead at attbi.com
Thu Apr 4 19:42:07 EST 2002

Should we be looking at other factors like age or climatic influences ?
I will be telling my sister in law to get it changed at 60k for her Passat.
BTW what is the latest thinking for the V6 engine belt, 12 and 30 valve ?

>Yup, I called the dealer and they echo'd the same thing... rec. interval
>changes at 105k. However, they even told me they are rec. to their
>that they change timing belts on 1.8t's by 90k miles! Hell, I have a poor
>lady here who just broke hers at only 67k, and the car is a non-tiptronic

1998 A6 Avant
1995 900 SET

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