driving fast - got Euro's!!!

J. Lyons raudi1 at VALUE.NET
Thu Apr 4 17:27:55 EST 2002

Hello all,

Hit the odometer reset button with the speedometer in my 84 CGT Turbo.
What's that about 130mph give or take - you all know about the bouncing
speedo needle I'm sure! :' ) Going down HWY 50 from Tahoe. Unfortunately my
car runs out of gears long before it runs out of steam! I would kill for a 6
speed conversion!

Did 110mph in my 79 5KS one day, have picture of the gauges while doing it.
Don't ask what the hell I was thinking taking pictures at that speed.  Crazy
bastard that I am at times.

Anyway, just picked up the CGT Tuesday night from 2Bennett with my new
Euro's installed. Vastly improved lighting!!!! High beams from hell. If you
can't see me coming, you must be blind.

J. Lyons
84 CGT Turbo
79 5KS
86 4KCSQ

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