driving fast 2.7tt???

Fri Apr 5 09:09:39 EST 2002

this is true... but if the A6 is an auto and the 200 has a chip things get a lot closer.
my chiped 5KTQ is faster than a stock S4 and  BMW 540i I raced both cars  while in motion (I will not race anyone from a standing start)
I have a IA chip, water injection, some exhaust work and about 200 lbs taken out of the car. so I am about 400 lbs lighter than a S4 and about 600lbs lighter than a A6! with close to the same hp
Oh and the car is MUCH faster than my friends IA chiped 200 20v


>>> "TM" <t44tq at mindspring.com> 04/04/02 07:47PM >>>
There is no comparison- a 6-spd. A6 2.7T is much, much
faster than a 200q10v, more so if the 200 is stock.

With the 20v it's much closer, although a chipped 2.7T is
very nice and will beat a chipped 20v.


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