Bad cold start?

Jeremy and Eve McNeil jmcneil at
Fri Apr 5 07:14:56 EST 2002

If you're having problems with cold starts, I suggest going to Huw's page
on CIS-E troubleshooting:  I found the site when
my 4kcsq was having problems and found it was just due to the removal of
the "spare" fuse.  I'm not sure if the troubleshooting tips apply to your
vehicle, but they're bound to help.

There's a little note that if the file helped you, you should send $5.00
to his Paypal account.  I tried to do this, but Paypal said he wasn't
registered.  I sure hope he gets the five dollars, since his advice saved
a world of headache.


> From: Tnquattro1 at
> Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2002 08:27:02 EST
> Subject: Bad cold start???
> To: quattro at
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> [ Picked text/plain from multipart/alternative ]
> Has anyone run into the problem that with the Diff. Pressure
> Regulator
> connected, the car will not start? If I disconnect the DPR the car
> will start
> after about 5 tries. Have replaced the DPR, Potentiometer, Water
> temp.
> sender, idle control valve, and the ECU. Anyone have any ideas? Car
> is a
> 90/100.
> Thanks
> Joe

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