Nate Stuart newt at
Fri Apr 5 13:16:55 EST 2002

Which problems are you reffering to? The stock CIS setup seems to hold
up fairly well, even in the turbo cars. Granted it may not be the *best*
implemetation, but is generally a rather reliable one. If you are
reffering to vapour lock, or something other heat related, then yes, and
CIS style system can suffer from the same ailments, given the needed
circumstances (dead/lack of  injector cooler for example), with audi's
setup placing it(the turbo) right under the CIS metering head and fuel
lines, there is more of a chance for said vapor lock to occur if the
cooling system for the injectors fails.

'89 90tq

Brandon Rogers wrote:

>Hi All-
>quick question-
>do other cars (old Porsche, MB, BMW) with CIS have have the same or similar
>problems as the Audi turbos?  If not, why?  Is it due to the high operating
>temps of the turbo engines?  Just curious.
>'84 ur
>'98 A4

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