3B rear caliper guide pins

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Fri Apr 5 22:12:55 EST 2002

So, the story goes these guys aren't available separately, right?

Has anyone checked to see if they're the same size as any other
girling caliper guide pins?

I show them to be -exactly- 8.4mm according to my micrometer; I can
provide more measurements of the one I have sitting here on the
desk(with a lovely little notch I can't seem to sand out.)  Other one
looks to be bent, possibly.  That explains the uneven braking I get
all the time from the back end, and the "sticking" caliper chewing
away at the pads+rotors.

Girling/Lucas made a ton of calipers and these calipers had to have
been used on at least a few other cars, right?

I can't believe that they can't be sourced through one of the following:

a)some other marque's parts counter(ie, maybe some random Volvo uses
the same rear caliper, for example, and you -can- get them from Volvo
b)maybe the pin is the same on a caliper which Audi does list the
guide pins for separately(as mentioned above)
c)hiring a machine shop to make a bunch(obviously not practical save
for a pretty large run of 'em)

Any ideas?

Noticed on both the brackets and the calipers that a rather large
area had been heavily ground down, and it was obviously some sort of
part number or logo, because it was next to an untouched # or logo in
the casting.  Makes you wonder what was there, doesn't it?  Maybe a
Volvo logo, and the "Volvo" calipers have the VW/Audi logo ground
off? :-)

Oh, and I saw something cute today, on the back of a Volvo wagon in
town...license plate "OV LOV"  First time I've actually seen a volvo
with that as a plate.

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safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

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