4KQ semi-rally suspension....

Mark Kingsbury romanracing at mindspring.com
Fri Apr 5 23:08:45 EST 2002

Hey there,

I'm a first time poster and have just taken posession of an 85 4KQ.
Eventually the plan is to rally, but in the mean time, I'm interested in
making it the mountainbike/dog transporter and forest road runner.  I've
read on specialstage.com about how transfering the front springs to the
rear, and installing Coupe GT springs on the front will add about 2" of
ground clearance, plus add some oversteer.  So far, this is the path I'm
looking to take but I'm wondering about what sort of struts I should use for
this application.  I would like to fit Konis, since I can get them cheap. I
don't want a full on rally suspension, but being able to travel along forest
roads without bottoming out is important.  I'm also looking for information
on a good skidplate design as well.  Any help is appreciated.


Mark Kingsbury

The "A" List:

Mine - 84 Alfa Romeo GTV6
Wife's - 98.5 A4 1.8T QMS
Dog's - 85 4KQ

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