4ktq 20v conversion

TM t44tq at mindspring.com
Sat Apr 6 22:54:33 EST 2002

A call to anyone on the list who has done a 20v turbo conversion to a
4kq- could you please email me or post to the list?

I have some questions about the conversion (I assume most will be 3B
engines for packaging ease). One big question is cost- how much did it
cost in its entirety?

The second big question is what big problems/difficulties were
in performing the swap?

I know Alex Neckas has done it, don't know who else.

This may occur with a friend's car, but it depends on the cost and
whether it
is signficantly more difficult to do compared to an MC transplant. Lots
other associated costs as well- possibly different suspension tuning,
upgrade, etc.


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