Multi-key S6

Brian Pleet bpleet at
Sat Apr 6 22:38:56 EST 2002

Six months ago my S6 ignition switch was sometimes jamming and would not
turn. The problem got progressively worst until sometimes I had to jiggle
the key and the steering wheel for a few minutes to get it to turn.  The
dealer removed the switch and showed me that part of the plastic case was
broken, and resulted in the intermittent jamming. Fixed with a new ignition
switch, and unfortunately, a new key. Now I have two keys!

Two months ago I could not turn the key in the trunk lock from vertical to
horizontal and the trunk would not open with the key. Temporary solution
was to pop the trunk from the glove box. Dealer removed the key mechanism
and showed the wear on a small metal pin which keeps switch vertical or
horizontal. He removed the pin and I leave the switch horizontal. Cheapest
solution he says is to replace the trunk lock mechanism and add yet another
key. Now three keys! Still holding on that proposal.

Best solution he says. Re-key 2 door locks and glove box lock, replace the
trunk lock mechanism and buy two new electronic keys (for my wife and
I)....$1100 CDN. Ouch!  Any other suggestions?

Brian Pleet
95.5 S6 Europa Blue
Calgary, Alberta

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