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Sun Apr 7 19:07:40 EDT 2002

WTFH is that???? Since when a Tor$en provides 2:1 torque distribution??? Am
I mad or what?


At 09:22 7/04/2002 -0500, Rob Andrews wrote:
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>Differential Tuning
>Tuning the center differential provides one of the most significant
>performance gains available to the Quattro owner. The standard torsen center
>differential in the S4 and A4 provides a 2:1 torque distribution capability.
>This enables the end of the car with traction (generally the rear) to
>deliver twice the torque being delivered by the least tractive end of the
>vehicle (generally the front). For high performance street cars, we
>recommend a bias ratio of 4:1. This is the same bias ratio that Audi has
>provided in the stock RS4 driveline.
>In professional competition a high bias center differential provided a
>performance gain of almost 2 seconds a lap. This is the equivalent of adding
>60hp to an S4. This is our first step in almost every tuning project. It
>provides a measurable performance gain for track-oriented drivers. For the
>enthusiast street driver in good weather conditions, it can provide the
>balance and control of a rear wheel drive vehicle, as 80% of the cars power
>will be applied to the rear wheels upon corner exit.
>The center differential in an S4 is a slip in cartridge accessible from the
>rear of the transmission. The A4 center differential is a self-contained
>bolt on unit. Install time is approximately 2 hours.
>Center Differential rebuild A4/S4 - $500

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