Michael Gough mdg3369 at
Sun Apr 7 17:01:16 EDT 2002

> to find out how you set it up, the most daunting aspect seems to be setting
> up the 8x8 grid,
It's a lot easier to set up an 8x8 grid than an 8x32 or a 16x16 grid....
I think the haltech has something like 700+ "magic" numbers to put in.

> with what appears to be "magic" numbers plucked out of the
> air,
They're not THIS random :) The numbers in the boxes correspond to the VE of
the motor...So if the motor has 87% volumetric efficiency at 100kPa and 3000
RPM, you put 87 in the box for 100kPa and 3000RPM

> completely from the website, im sure there is a scientific approach.
Yep, there is, you calculate the VE from the torque curve....
Also, you just have to run the car. There's a really cool feature in the
program. You go to the tuning screen, run the car, look at the O2 sensor
reading, and hit a key to enrich or enlean that VE box depending on what you
need. So just drive the car, and hit 2 keys to change the mixture until you
like it. Mine should be driving by tonight, fuel rail is finished, just have
to mount it now.
'88 Quantum syncro turbo/EFI

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