CGT: Rebuild or Swap?

ian Butler ian at
Sun Apr 7 22:33:10 EDT 2002

Though I've moved on to another daily driver, the fact remains that I have
two Coupes (one for parts) sitting in the parking lot.

So!  The parts car has what's proven to be a pretty reliable engine; unknown
mileage (but probably pushing 300K) and no terrible noises except for a
faint lifter tick (or is that the brake vac pump rod?).  Served reliably
with decent power for many thousands of miles; the car could go 112, which
is just 3mph under a CGT's rated top speed.

The "good" car has a bad engine, though, some sort of terrible clunking
noise which a mechanic said was a bad rod.  The only information about rod
knock I've been able to find indicates the bearings just need to be
replaced, assuming the crankshaft hasn't been royally fudged.

Now, bearing in mind that I have limited cash and very limited tools, is a
rod bearing replacement going to be inexpensive or effective assuming I can
track down someone to help me with it?  Or should I just stick to my
sockets, bite the bullet, and pull the parts engine?  Or dump it all into
the adjacent dumpster?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

ian Butler / ian at

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