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I don't know about the stock 3B injector specifically, but based on actual
RC Engineering's tests, the UrS4/6 stock injectors have been tested / rated
at flowing 280 cc/min and
the RS2's at 360 cc/min, using, per RC's preferred procedures a "standard
test" pressure of 3 bar (43.5 psi.)  I've no idea what or where the 10 valve
engines FI are rated or have tested at.

The fuel delivery rates under stock operating conditions I guess are a
little closer together than the 360cc vs. 280 cc difference suggests, since
I think the UrS4/6 uses a base fuel pressure of @4 bar, while the RS2 I
think is set at @ 3.8 bar?

I think that works out to something around a 25% fuel delivery rate

How does a 25% fuel difference correspond with, or does it to the reported
factory stock 3B/UrS4 vs. RS2 hp and torque differences?

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~Depends what system you are using, realistically you can have a
~good idle up
~to about 400cc or 38lbs or so, after that idle speed needs to
~raise a little
~to get a good idle. I'm using 50lb injectors, almost 520cc or so, the car
~idles wells at about 1k to 1100 rpm, any lower gets a little
~lumpy.  Stock 3B
~injectors are about 300cc, RS2 are about 15% bigger I think.

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