What is the torsen thread for?

Dan Dwyer dandwyer at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 8 09:13:45 EDT 2002

What's the torsen thread for?  I would have assumed differentials but by
observation it seems to be a catch all for more technical stuff.  Is this

FWIW, I kind of dig the WAP stuff.  It appears to be a purely philanthropic
venture benefiting a lot of folks on the list.  Maybe an announcement that
it is "done and ready for use" would be more convenient for some.  However,
part of any successful development project is end-user feedback and I can
think of no better place than the quattrolist to get some for this
particular application.

Everybody's gonna be at Fraggle this weekend, right?  Just joking.


> > This looks like torsen at audifans.com kinda stuff to me, in content and
> > definition.
> >

> We Europeans have to tolerate US stuff about emissions, taxes, insurance,
outings to Fraggle
> Rock, etc., which we do without complaint.
> You'll just have to learn the same kind of patience.
> Thanks for the consideration.

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