Audi Vs. Honda... Honda looses

ScottyCBoy at ScottyCBoy at
Mon Apr 8 15:18:03 EDT 2002

Well I am sad to write that yet another audi might be totalled. I was decelerating in my 1988 5000 and someone in what appeared to be a blue honda decided to test the laws of pyhsics and discover that Newton's second law still works. The honda went under my 5000, crushing the spare tire carrier and destroying my rear muffler. The bumper is puched down a little and the panel which holds the chrome piece above hte bumper is pushed up. The honda's A/C and radiator were pushed into the engine and the hood was crumpled to the windshield.

So I get a ticket for Impeding Traffic. Even though I was doing 30-40 MPH when the accident occured.

Anybody know what exactly impeding traffic is? As it was explained by the police officer if your doing the speed limit and everyone else is doing 125 mph your impeding traffic.


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