type44 fuse problem

Steve Arbaugh sneakers at oz.net
Mon Apr 8 18:13:45 EDT 2002


Ok, I feel better now, thanks. The troublemaker is my ’86 5ktqw (black, if
it matters). I keep blowing fuse 15. It apparently powers the wiper motor,
flashers, and seems to have something to do with the higher speeds on the
rad fan, cause they go away as well when the fuse blows. The fuse blows at
random times during a drive. Wipers worked fine in the mornings, but by the
time I get to where I’m going, the fuse is gone and my flashers with it. The
fuse has lasted as long as a day and a half, as short as a couple mintues. I
’ve pulled the plug off the wiper motor, still blows fuses. What else is on
this circuit and can those things be removed for further diagnosis? Is there
a known issue (on an Audi? Really?) regarding this fuse that I don’t know
about? My Haynes manual is less than eloquent on any of this.

My troubleshooting skills are humbly asking for any assistance on this

’86 5ktqw (in bad favor at the moment)
’86 5kcsq (temporarily the wife’s car)
kent, wa

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