possible car seller problem

auditude at get.net auditude at get.net
Tue Apr 9 14:18:58 EDT 2002

Check out this development.

I bought a Coupe GT from a guy in Cali.  Drove it home to AZ.

The seller gave me a signed pink slip from the owner prior to him.  He also gave me
a bill of sale from himself, which wasn't notarized.

The AZ MVD is requiring a notarized release of liability from the seller.  They gave
me the form that they want filled out.

I contacted the seller yesterday to arrange to have him send me a notarized release
of liability.  He said to call back today so he could give me a fax number to send the
form to.

Today, his cell phone account (my only contact number) has been set to "not accept
incoming calls".  I sent a text message, which ATT said would still go through, and
am now waiting.

I have what may be his home address, and if I was driving over there, I would be
able to find his work address as well.

If I have to return to California to get this straightened out, I will.

Any suggestions on how to proceed?  I'm trying to geti nformation about both the
prior owner and the seller.



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