brake paste/grease/fluid for reassembly

Steve Sears steve.sears at
Thu Apr 11 10:02:56 EDT 2002

Although I have not had to rebuild the calipers (knock on arborite cubicle
desktop), while rebuilding the brake system on the DKW I went to a local
rebuilding shop and got a small jar of what they called "rebuilding fluid"
at no charge (they eventually got me in my wallet for sleeving the master
cylinder, so I guess the freebie was a good ploy).  It's about twice the
thickness of brake fluid, and worked perfectly for the wheel cylinders (the
seals did not swell or stick to the bores).
Steve Sears
1987 5kTQ
1980 5k
1962 and '64 Auto Union DKW Junior deLuxes
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--- Brett Dikeman <brett at> wrote:
> Folks,
> I'm putting the calipers back together, and
> curious...Bentley says
> "use Audi PN blah blah grease on orings and pistons
> for reassembly"
> etc.
> Uh, okay.
> Wouldn't brake fluid do just as nicely?  Or is the
> idea to have
> something non-hygroscopic near the outer surfaces?
> Would regular
> synthetic general purpose grease do?(got a big tube
> of M1 synthetic
> "general purpose" grease, good to 550 degrees or
> something.)

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