Question for Canadian listers and F1 fans.

Brady Moffatt bradym at
Thu Apr 11 17:25:15 EDT 2002

Check out . You'll see that there are a few sections with
seats still available when you click on the order form. General admin is
always an option. You have to get there very early and stake out a spot. It
gets worse each year, with fewer spots to stand and watch, and smaller, more
cramped paths to get anywhere. At 75$CDN, it's not cheap, but not horrible
either. Hotels, on the other hand...... good luck! If you're driving, you
might be able to get something off the island, then drive in and hop on the
Metro(subway) to the track. It's the only way to get to the track that makes
any sense.

You're right, it's a great time to be in the city, for the whole week
leading up to the race actually.

Don't forget the inaugural Montreal Molson Indy on August 25, same track run
the other direction!

MAC: I hope they bring back prototype racing to the track,. Maybe I could
see some R8 action without travelling!

Brady Moffatt
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
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Subject: OT: Question for Canadian listers and F1 fans.

> Folks!

> Any advice from F1 fans whom have planned this sort of trip to this event
> would be greatly appreciated. Even if tickets for the race is no longer
> possible, we'd like to still make it up there for the festive racing
> atmosphere.
> Thanks in advance!
> William Ng
> 1990 200 quattro
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