Update: AC Conversion to R134a

David.Ullrich at ferguson.com David.Ullrich at ferguson.com
Fri Apr 12 08:20:30 EDT 2002

After almost 3 weeks, I finally got my Coupe GT back yesterday. I had it in the shop to get the AC fixed. Originally I was planning on having whatever was leaking fixed and then recharge with good old R12. Well, the leaks were numerous, most of the o-rings were bad. My mechanic said that since most o-rings had to be replaced anyway, it made more sense to convert to R134a than to refill with R12. It was actually cheaper to convert, 2 more o-rings, a few fitting and a new receiver/dryer (or was it condenser, I can't remember) versus $150 in R12 Freon. When I got advice from this list, some suggested that the York compressor on my Coupe GT might not be up to the task and that I'd be disappointed with the results. Well, I did it anyway, and let me tell you I am NOT disappointed. The AC is VERY cold (output at center vents on medium speed with side vents closed and no air to floor or defrost vents was 41 degrees with an outside air temp of 77). Not too bad IMHO. Oh, I also had to replace the flex hose from the condenser to the compressor (yikes, having that thing made up was expensive @ around $170). Anyway, for those of you contemplating converting your cars to R134a, I say go for it, at least if you have a York compressor...


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