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> At 14:04 12/04/2002, Michael L. Riebs wrote:
> >Drive more Audis - Have more fun - or get laid more often.
> Makes a good .sig file...

Thanks! It's derived from Frank Meeks' motivational chant "Sell more
Pizzas - Have more Fun!"
Frank Meeks is (or was?) the Domino's Pizza franchisee in the D.C. area, and
widely considered the single most successful DP Franchisee ever, with stores
averaging a legendary $30K in sales per week.

Yes, he's a great motivator.

> Duncan
> -----------------------------------
> '85 CQ
> '83 80Q
> Drive more Audis - Have more fun - or get laid more often.

Wait a minute...
What about writer's copyright protection?!? Never mind - you hereby have my
express permission to use it!
Especially since - now that I am reading it again - it looks like it might
mean that if you're driving more Audis and having more fun, it precludes the
last part of the line....
Hmmm, perhaps that explains something.
No - never mind - I just remembered the explanation - I'm married!

Michael Riebs


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