WAP and thwap!

Dan Simoes dans at audifans.com
Fri Apr 12 12:54:10 EDT 2002

The first is a highly technical subject which is outside of the scope of
this list.  I asked that the WAP discussion be taken off-line and so far
it has not.

Yes Phil, I've seen your pages, and the effort is commendable.
At this point the discussion is not relevant to the list at large (this
list), however you are welcome to use the offtopic list or if demand is
there, I will create a separate list for it.  Why do I do find it

There are thousands of people on the main quattro list, and back and
forth discussion about something that will be used by a small percentage
of people (don't argue - WAP penetration in the US is extrememly low at
this point, and I'm not ignoring the global picture) is not really of
interest to the population at large.
A discussion about the I5 engine, changing a timing belt, or which Audis
had a third row is relevant, for example, and even then I'm starting to
wonder if the "quattro" list has gotten too focused on the older cars.

If I wanted to start a new page to catalog the thickness of brake pads
on every Audi out there, I could send an email asking for participants
and then discuss this in private, posting my findings later.  I would
not use the main list for back and forth discussion on this topic.  See
my point?

The latter is the sound of my hand hitting my forehead when I have to
open my mailbox to read notes from a bunch of people pissing and moaning
about this that or the other thing.  Cmon guys, if you want to let off
steam, go drive your car.  Your contributions to the list/community are
valuable, but the personal attacks and whining are not.

| Dan |

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