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It's ALWAYS like that with those jealous idiots who drive clapped out Saabs.
The sound of the wind whistling through those rust holes, and that constant
BLAAAAAAART from the rusted out exhaust system has warped the feeble brain
that bought the funny, Swedish thing to begin with, and deafened the ears as

I've seen it lotsa times!


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> > Awww, Phil
> >
> > Just tell the blighter to stuff it up his nose and ignore him.
> >
> > He probably drives an old clapped out Saab anyway, and is just jealous.
> I've tried that.  I've tried responding to all the factual errors.  I've
tried explaining what
> I've been trying to achieve.  And all that has got me is an offer of a
separate list - which
> I've actually explained twice is exactly what I don't need.
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