A challenge to Scott J, and an Audifans Fundraiser

Roa, Greg Greg.Roa at Cinergy.COM
Fri Apr 12 18:50:05 EDT 2002

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I'm angry.   I don't normally get angry.  Especially about things like
mailing lists.  I have no problem pressing the delete button if I get an
off topic e-mail, I'm not terribly easily offended, and I tend to regard
off topic banter as either interesting conversation, or something to

This has me mad enough that I can't get to sleep, which is unfortunate
as I have to start a night shift tonight.

I saw on this list, something that I regard as so selfish, and so
juvenile that  I can't help but say something, so I apologize to
listmeister Dan (whom I am terribly indebted to for running the list),
and any of you who feel that it is too much work to hit a delete key.

Phil, I regard you as one of the great pillars of the audifans
community.  There are several besides you, such as Huw, Javad, Brett,
Mark Chang, ect. and all of you have my sincere gratitude.  All of you
devote a great deal of your time to providing help to others.  It takes
a lot of selflessness and generosity to do this.  There are very very
few times that you benefit from the list, you simply provide without
asking in return.  You define an AudiFan.  Thank you all.

Of the technical questions that I have asked in the two years that I
have religously followed this list, I estimate that nearly 2/3 of them
have garnered a useful response from Mr. Phil Payne.  His responses are
often curt, but they always have good information, and have made
maintaining my Audi easier.  Phil, I appreciate your help.  Thank you.

On the other hand, I have never received any useful help from Mr. Scott
Justusson, and I rarely see him help others, at least on the main list
(that's the only one I follow).  When I see Scott's name pop up, 90+
percent of the time, it is to refute something that Phil has said, or
whine about something that Phil is doing.

I therefore have a proposal.  I am making a request that you, Scott,
apologize to the list, and to Phil.  You have taken away from me, and
the other AudiFans, a very valuable resource, and offended someone who
tries to help everyone here.  I will enter into this bargain too.  If
you apologize to Phil, I will immediately make a $20 contribution to
Dan's list fund.  Phil, if you return, I will donate an additional $20.
I would hope that others would join in with donations, if nothing else,
just to help out Dan, and help him keep this list running.

I would ask both of you do help me help Dan.  If you don't want to lose
face, just do it so he can get the money.  I don't want to lose a
valuable resource, and take that away from other people who haven't yet
had a chance to learn from the list.

Again, I apologize for taking everyone's time.  Have a great day.

Greg Roa
Cincinnati, OH
86' 4kcsq
93' 90 CS
83' 944

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