type 44 syndrome, but no Audi content

Ben Swann bswann at worldnet.att.net
Mon Apr 15 14:45:09 EDT 2002

[I would not be caught dead in a Daewoo! Ever! If one were donated to me,
sell it, or otherwise get rid of it. If I had the choice between a Daewoo
and a bicycle, I'd choose the bike!

Michael L. Riebs]

Just thought I'd chime in.  I observed what appeared to be more Daewoo
Ticas in Lima, Peru on my last visit, than there are cars in D.C.  So what
is GM going to do about the non-American market?

Interesting about being caught dead - these cars nor their passengers would
not survive on American roads.  The (why even bother) trunk is just large
enough to hold a duffel bag - hate to see what would happen if rear ended.

Sorry about continuing with the LAC.

MAC - I have visited Peru 3X and saw only 1 Quattro (yes - type 44).  Most
of the Audis and VWs are different makes and models than here.  Lima is
where I saw at least one A3, and A4's were commonplace.  But almost no
Quattros.  I know it doesn't snow there, but with the Andes on one side and
the Pacific on the other, I could find many excuses to "need" one.


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