type 44 syndrome, with Audi content

Ben Swann bswann at worldnet.att.net
Mon Apr 15 14:45:15 EDT 2002

[What is type 44 syndrome?

We have a group of people who have formed an attachment for a car which
*economically* (in the view of most people) makes no sense.]

I would have never put the effort or money into a car that did not have the
attributes of my '87 Turbo Quattro Avant, unless it was some rare
collectable.  QUATTRO All Wheel Drive,  good gas mileage and pretty good
power even by todays standards, plenty of luxury and room, good handling
and very stable.  Not counting my labor, I have not spent more than $6500
on it - I have a spreadsheet which tracks my expenditures since I bought
the car.

'87 5000 tqa Pearl - Engine rebuilt and running...Elgin 270i260e cam,
 lifters & techtonics springs, new rings and bearings, seals. T03/K26
hybrid turbo, 2-Piece Exhaust manifold, highflow cat and 2.5" Stebro
exhaust. Bypass valve and supplimentary fuel injector installed(but not
connected to fuel yet) in intercooler. 200 Flywheel, Clutch and  Pressure
plate. Using existing QLCC chip & Schrapnel Knob for control  set for 1.7
bar max during break-in.  Awaiting $5 worth of o-rings for the system
pressure regulator.

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