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Tue Apr 16 03:21:49 EDT 2002

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Though what you propose will likely work, I'd recommend going to the junk
yard and rumaging through other CIS fuel lines from Mercedes, BMW, and even
Audi applications and finding what you need that way.  CIS systems, esp. on
your NG, run extremely high fuel pressures, 80+ psi, sometimes close to 100,
and at those pressures, hose clamps are not always reliable.


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> My question is about the brass line that has flexable stainless mesh that is
> from the aluminum hard lines on the 80/90q to the fuel distributor. I am
> trying to avoid designing a new line so that a hose shop can make it. I
> would rather cut the brass line and also cut the aluminum other line so I
> can flair it and extend it so as to be able to turn the air box around. I
> plan to use high pressure fuel hose and clamps for the six or so inches
> that it takes to extend the lines. Does this make sence? Also, does it seem
> right? Will the brass even flair? I know that the factory never uses clamps
> but are they bad? Thanks, Brandon

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