Difference in MC-1 & MC-2 engines?

Eric_R_Kissell at email.whirlpool.com Eric_R_Kissell at email.whirlpool.com
Tue Apr 16 09:29:48 EDT 2002

List members,

Is the compression ratio difference between the MC-1 (7.8:1) and the MC-2
(8.4:1) all in the heads?

I know that the 8.4:1 MC-2 uses two knock sensors and was used in the late
1989 and 1990 Audi 200's while the earlier 7.8:1 MC-1 uses one knock sensor
and was used in the 1986 through early 1989 200's (i.e. 5000 turbo through

Would I get into any trouble running the 8.4:1 MC-2 head on the earlier
single knock sensor MC-1 block? Do I really need two knock sensors to
manage 8.4:1?

I want to run this with a QLCC modified computer and 1.8 bar setup. I can
get the head inexpensively and I think the higher compression ratio and
revised cam profiles might be an improvement. Any comments?

I assume I can bolt the head from an MC-2 directly onto an MC-1 block
without any problems. The only thing I can think that might need to change
is the timing belt gear on the camshaft. Is everything else the same?

Thanks in advance,

Eric R. Kissell
1986 5000cstq, 1.4 bar, K24, Bilsteins
1989 200q Avant, 1.8 bar (SJM), K24, Fuchs
1987 VW GTI 16V, 1984cc, Bilsteins
Evansville, Indiana, USA

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