leaving the marque (Was urs4/S6 or A4?)

Robert Myers robert at s-cars.org
Tue Apr 16 10:47:44 EDT 2002

Oh my.  I'm very sorry to hear of your malady.  I hope and pray you will
get over it soon.

A Honda, for crying out loud?  The next thing will be eight inch exhaust
tips. :-(

At 09:21 AM 4/16/02, Stephen Bigelow wrote:

> > > > Pluses: Road eater.  Performance.  Relatively
> > > > uncommon.  Minuses: Potential for high ownership
> > > > costs.  Relatively uncommon.
> > >
> > > Since when was "relatively uncommon" a minus? I *hate* to see myself
> > > and going.
> >
> > When it makes it hard to find parts or experienced mechanics.
>I'll be Audi-less sometime this week when Audrey gets sold to my mechanic
>for a paltry sum. The good working autobox full of Amsoil ATF is worth more
>than the rest of the car, and the prospect of replacing yet _more_ hydraulic
>and exhaust componants has driven me from the marque, at least for now.
>Saving for a house and Olde Type 44 Ownership don't go together.
>Fell into a {whisper} second gen Cavalier, $600 safetied . Goes, turns,
>stops. Think I see myself coming and going much? Holy cow.
>A rear muffler was less than *one eighth* of the price as the one on Audrey.
>Wait...it gets worse.
>Father in law mentions he's getting a new ride, I expressed a minor passing
>interest in his old one (I was driving  a Cavalier, remember!)
>Next day I own his frickin' 91 Accord stick. Now I see myself _everywhere_.
>Well built car, I must say, still nice and tight at 250K km, but no soul.
>Everything works, including air, cruise and sunroof, and it revs like a bike
>I remember spending that _everytime_ I took Audrey to the shop.
>My next Audi will either be simpler (there's a nice red 86-7 Coupe in the
>Trader for $1200) or worth it (turbo and/or quattro.)
>FWD auto Audi without a turbo was a big mistake, at least for me. Wonderful
>motor, bad diffs, bads trans, bad climate control, bad hydraulics.
>I miss her already. First time I drove the adnoH, I sure missed the off-idle
>torque of the I-5.
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