R12/R134A conversion

timofej.crift at att.net timofej.crift at att.net
Tue Apr 16 20:03:46 EDT 2002

You will need to replaced the drier if you are
converting to 134.  The system will also need a flush
as the oils used in 134 and 12 systems are incompatible.

Tim Crift
> Does anyone have access to the definitive 134A conversion process, with
> material list, step by step process, etc, in print?
> My trip to the archives revealed more anecdotal evidence than How-To.
> I replaced the seals and receiver/drier 3-4 years ago.
> The clutch 2 years ago, then the compressor locked up last year.
> Does it sound reasonable that I replace the compressor.. install the "almost
> new" clutch", evacuate and recharge w/134A, or should I replace the "almost
> new" (3-4 year old) drier also?
> Many thanks,
> Mark Woodland
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