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ed armstrong edshred2000 at yahoo.com
Wed Apr 17 15:10:20 EDT 2002

I also thought about a Coupe turbo project at one
time, but was put off by FWD. A turbo would be fun in
the Coupe but you couldn't take it to more than 200 hp
realistically speaking. In fact the stock turbo ~160
hp would be more than enough.

If I was to do a turbo Coupe, I would keep the stock
CIS, ignition and management system. No need to make
the swap too complex.

I, on the other hand, choose to do the turbo swap in a
90q which is nearing completion....after that I think
I'll sell the trusty Coupe (which I agree still has a
nice shape). Good luck


--- auditude at get.net wrote:
> Audifans,
> Having gotten another Coupe GT to add to the
> collection of
> Audi's I have, the turbo Coupe GT thread interests
> me.
> For years now I have been collecting parts and
> information
> regarding an MC engine swap into a 4ksq.  I still
> haven't
> started the actual swapping process itself, but it's
> approaching.
> The Coupe GT that I bought is my second red '86, I
> crashed the
> previous one.  I love the look of the Coupe GT's and
> as far as
> type 85's in general, I love the cubby holes in the
> dash and
> the plentiful door pockets, and other features.
> Driving the
> "new" Coupe GT home 400 miles was a refresher in how
> smoothly
> they shift and rev.  I remember the only thing
> lacking was
> more power.
> In my "mid-level" (attainable but not necessarily
> practical)
> fantasy world, I would have three turbo Audi's, the
> 5kcstq,
> the 4kstq, and the Coupe GT.  My theory is that one
> of them
> will get standalone engine management, so I will
> have two
> (nearly?) complete MAC11 setups to use.  Since the
> Coupe GT is
> not quattro, it would get one of the lesser-powerful
> setups.
> IOW, standalone on either the 5kcstq or 4kstq.
> I'm thinking the 5kcstq has more room for custom 20v
> heads and
> race-type manifolds, plus it's bigger and more
> stable at
> speed, so it might make the most sense for EFI.  One
> potential
> reason to put the standalone engine management and
> 20v head on
> the 4kstq is because there is no existing MAC11
> setup to
> "waste" by replacing with standalone (as in the
> 5kcstq's case,
> more work basically).  An argument to running the
> highest-end
> stuff on the smaller 4kstq would be that it would be
> more of a
> "sports car concept", i.e. light and powerful.
> I guess I'm wondering how "wasteful" it is to put a
> MC-1 into
> a Coupe GT rather than a 4ksq.  The Coupe GT is so
> much more
> sporty looking and aggressive.  It has more of the
> image that
> would need to be backed up with decent power,
> compared to the
> 4ksq which isn't all that exciting-looking to the
> uninitiated.
> My standalone engine management computer is
> basically back-
> ordered, or more accurately put on the back burner
> while the
> manufacturer works on bigger projects.  Supposedly
> sometime
> later this year, up to 6 months or more.  I'm
> content to wait,
> as long as it eventually comes.
> I didn't have too much of a point to all this, just
> that I
> like the idea of a turbo Coupe GT.
> If you haven't noticed, I enjoy discussing this type
> of stuff,
> even if I end up doing more discussing than actual
> doing,
> which has been the case at times.  My purpose for
> posting is
> as much for discussion as it is for planning
> activities.
> Later,
> Ken
> '88 5kcstq
> '85 4ksq
> '86 Coupe GT
> '87 5kt parts
> '94 SL2

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