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jim rose sf5ktq at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 17 21:03:05 EDT 2002


<<I need to ground the high-watt relayed H4 conversion lights on my Caprice
wagon, and do not see any place particularly suited to that purpose.>>

the metal of the headlights should be a fine place to ground them[anything
resembling the car's "chassis" =]. term the wires with ringterms, spend the
xtra time + $$ on good quality connectors [you can get solder+crimp
connectors with a heat shrinkable casing on them - nice!] at any better
hardware/electronics/atuo parts store. can be tricky to find [dont bother
with rat shack or autozone] but nice!

<<So I'm going to try to put the ring terminals on mounting bolts for these
lights -the holes in the sheetmetal are alredy there, but what do I need to
do apart from scraping the paint off the sheetmetal? Will dielectric
grease(where does oen buy that?) keep it from rusting? How do I keep the
grease from being washed away over time?>>>>

just make sure that the mounting bolts hit a nice meaty piece of sheetmetal.
hit the metal [grounding point] with a wire wheel wherever the ring will hit
the chassis to remove paint. use a chunky starwasher so it bites well and
finish up with a shot of rubberized undercoating to seal it off. i wouldnt
bother with d. grease.

<<Are stainless steel washers on both sides of the ring terminal appropriate
for this?(Should I use one of those little springy-toothed washers sometimes
seen on ground straps?)>>

i would just do a starwasher between chassis and ringterm. think
surface/contact area. i'd even try to double up the grounds on both lights
to the same spot, works nice if youre using a bolt. its always worked for

<<In other words: I'm clueless, help!>>

ach, youre 1/2 way there. have at it!


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