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auditude at get.net auditude at get.net
Thu Apr 18 10:40:42 EDT 2002

Mike Arman armanmik at n-jcenter.com wrote:
> On the type 44 engine alignment thread, if you change ONLY the engine
> mounts or the tranny mounts, the set you did NOT disturb will keep
> everything in alignment. If you change all four at once, then you'll need
> to check and re-set the engine alignment. I seem to recall that once it is
> in the correct position, you're supposed to torque the top motor mount
> bolts with the engine idling.
> Check the Bentley to be sure.

Hi Mike,

I think that in my case, the motor/tranny might have been out
of alignment (from its previous life with the PO) before I
removed the tranny to do the clutch.

This being the first time I've gone through that part of the
car, I want to verify that it is aligned.

I found that upon reinstalling the tranny onto the motor, the
through-bolts that hold the tranny brackets to the mounts
could only go through very crooked.  Then I noticed how the
end of the tranny is noticeably too far to the left in the
floor tunnel.

I looked at the Bentley and saw the measurement for front to
rear positioning.  I think I'll need to source a yardstick or
similar to provide the reference to measure from, as it uses
the distance from a straight line between the tranny mounts
(IIRC, it could have been subframe mounts, but I don't think
it was) to some feature on the tranny (like its end) as the

I suppose that the best method will be to loosen all the
mounts, center the motor/tranny in the mounts and tunnel,
tighten the rear tranny mounts, start the motor, and tighten
the motor mounts while idling.  I don't remember if the front
snubber stopper mount thingee is adjustable like on the type
85's, but if it is I suppose I would make sure it is low
enough to prevent much engine rocking.

I came across a thick metal bushing, gold in color, that I at
first thought might be part of the tranny mount hardware.  I
don't think it is tho'.  As I type this, I think it might
belong as part of the exhaust or something.  I could have done
more to keep track of where hardware and stuff went.  So far
it's coming along ok, as the correct pieces and hardware gets
put back on the car, the remaining parts start to thin out and
make it easier to find the next piece.



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