85 5kt motor/engine specs

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Thu Apr 18 20:38:48 EDT 2002

> Tony Lum has determined that an 85 5000CD Turbo has a KH motor. (Thanks
> Tony!) There is one available CHEEEEAP. According to Huw's Website Of
> Knowledge this engine is a 2.1, puts out only 140HP, but 200ft*lbs of torque
> (seems high).

yeah... I wouldn't vouch for that data!

I have been working on that file recently, looking for missing bits of
data, etc.

There is no real reason to believe most of the numbers on it, though
soon I am going to color code it showing where info came from - like I
just dug some out of my Bentley collection, whihc at least means I know
who to blame if its wrong.

I was getting ready to solicit info from "everyone", but what I *really*
want are photocopies (or scans, I guess) of the engine specs pages from

Anyone who wants to do this, esp. if the code appears wrong or
incomplete on my file, let me know & I'll give you a snail mail
address.  This will save on having 32 people mail me the specs page for
the JT... one would be enough!

Might as well add, it would be slightly amusing to include car models
they appear in, but the US/Euro/other specific country versions might
drive me bonkers...

btw, it's at:


and I'm gonna put them back in alphabetical order soon.  or make them
sortable, maybe, by date or alpha, if I get carried away.

Huw Powell



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