85 5000S fuel pump short?

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Sat Apr 20 02:48:06 EDT 2002

> > > And how would it show up as a short in the fuel
> > > pump circuit?
> >
> > The heater usually is hanging off the fuel pump
> > relay output.  So if it
> > shorts, or its wires get damaged and short out, Zap!
> > goes the fuel pump
> > relay current and voltage.
> Do you mean that the heater is fed
> by the exact same output terminal from the relay?


> was testing the circuit by removing the relay and
> jumping a wire between the 2 wide blade terminals
> on the relay/fuse block. When the fuel pump is in fail
> mode, the wire shorts there...
> Do you know what the resistance of the O2 sensor
> heater is supposed to be?

a few ohms?  I forget.  Wait, I think it's about 20 ohms.  Warm or cold,
can't remember that though.

Just unplug it to test, next time.  It's more likely the fuel pump

Huw Powell



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