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Konstantin Bogach konstantin.bogach at morganstanley.com
Mon Apr 22 19:14:23 EDT 2002

Hi Gerard.

Could you tell me what kind of bearing is used in it? Both rear and front.  I assume
that the casing has stamping.
I don't want to start another thread on it because I asked already before but I can
not find it.

Never done it before, so can not  answer your question. Sorry.



> Hi!
> I dismantled/disassembled my alternator this weekend. Quite straight
> forward from the Haynes manual, but nothing in the Bentley about
> disassembling an alternator. Bentley = how to do it, Haynes = how to do
> it completely without those funky tools. Sometimes, at least. Only
> problem I had was the front casing screw removal, had to drill one out.
> Anyway, the rotor, stator and diode retaining thingy are all covered in
> gunk and sand and have a wee bit of rust on the edges of the stator that
> face the rotor.
> Can I use some benzene and a very soft brush to clean these things up?
> What about the very slight surface rust on the rotor and stator? Will a
> quick once over with some fine 600 grit sand paper do the trick?
> I pulled the front bearing. Used a fat screwdriver as a drift. The
> bearing wasn't noisy when I spun it on the shaft, but after removal it
> was a bit tough to turn. I assume these are generic type ball bearings
> that I can probably pick up from any bearing supplier. Is that correct?
> Also, the Haynes manual says to install the front bearing using a tube
> on the outer race. The slip ring end bearing has to be installed with a
> tube over the inner race. Is it correct to install the front bearing by
> pushing on the outer race of the front bearing? Just doesn't seem like
> the right thing to do (like the installation of wheel bearings).
> The casings were also full of junk, some scaling and plenty of filthy
> grease. Took about an hour to clean it out and then another hour or so
> to do the first stage of polishing of the casing.
> The slip rings "feature" quite deep grooves, but I assume this is not an
> issue considering the carbon brushes are pushed up against the rings.
> Would it be a good idea to use some fine sandpaper to remove the ridges
> on the slip ring copper? I'll just mount the rotor and get it spinning
> and then hold a strip of sandpaper against the copper to smooth off the
> big edges. Or should I leave it be?
> Thanks.
> G.

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