Procon-TEN/'88 5kcstq

auditude at auditude at
Tue Apr 23 16:35:55 EDT 2002


My '88 5kcstq doesn't have the Procon-TEN system.  However,
when reassembling all the parts after putting the tranny back
on, I noticed there is a bracket that has a round hole in it,
as if it is intended to guide a cable or something.

I was wondering if my car got a part that was later used in
the Procon-TEN system, or if this loop has some other

I'm sure it's not possible, and certainly not easy if it is,
but it would be nice to retrofit that safety system into my
car.  I think it got a sickly "one-star" rating, whereas the
later models got all five.

Is it possible?

This was on the right side tranny mount, I believe.



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