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As far as Audis being heavy I would say that is only applicable to the larg=
er Sedans, however I have seen Ur S4s capable of an 11 second quarter mile.=
  My CGT weighs in under 2400lbs with me and race gas which is plenty light=
.  As far as weight is concerned an AWD Eagle Talon weighs around 3300lbs a=
nd it is very common for them to run 11 second quarter miles and still be e=
asily daily driven.   As far as I can remember Audi never accepted the supp=
osed limitations of the vehicles it chose to race. Before Audi made an AWD =
rally car work I am sure people thought that was a crazy idea.  Aside from =
all that the CGT is actually a pretty good platform being relatively light =
and having most of the weight in front of the front tires which actually he=
lps the front tires hook up much better than a typical Honda. Quattro would=
 be an even better set-up since the Audi AWD set-up is undeniably about the=
 strongest around and AWD cars are known some of the most violent launches =
in drag racing.

Turning a Honda into a turbo drag beast is neither easy nor cheap, it typic=
ally requires extensive modification to the engine internals and that adds =
up quickly.  As far as over all cost is concerned my whole turbo conversion=
 has cost me less than $1500 and my car is now up at least 100hp from stock=
.  That makes for a pretty decent hp to weight ratio and for a car that is =
fun to drive down the drag strip.

Matt Kramer
'83 CGTt

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