10 vT EM? NOW G-tech Pro

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Thu Apr 25 01:08:44 EDT 2002

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Agreed with all the below, keep us posted on how the new knock sensor affects


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mswanson at mswanson.com writes:

> > Also
> > simply by unscrewing the knock sensor and leaving it
> > hanging, it will go to full retard, so that tells me
> > it may still be trying to get more advance, but since
> > it isn't sensing knock it goes to full retard.
> that doesn't make sense to me.  Why would the ECU back the timing way off
> if
> it isn't sensing knock?
> >  Or
> > it's just smart and since it doesn't "hear" anything
> > it goes to full retard.  I've been thinking about this
> > WAY to much!
> What makes you think that?  The ecu should be advancing things or doing
> nothing at all if the engine is running smoothly..... (ignoring issues like
> idle conditions).

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