4kQ output bearing of center diff

Roger Mounsey roger-mounsey at webtv.net
Thu Apr 25 07:43:22 EDT 2002

I'm in the process of trying to replace this on my car right now. Mine
made a mild marbly knockng noise down below and was passing oil thru the
seal onto the cat converter just beneath & behind.
Bearing sits in a yoke held onto the diff case by 3 bolts. To replace,
drop the front of the driveshaft, then remove the yoke. P/n#s include
#016 311 235 bearing, 014 409 100AA seal, and 010 325 381A o-ring. I got
these from Mac at Carlsen for just less than $100. I also went to Biener
Audi  where they recommended the nuts, washers, and plates needed to do
the job correctly, and these cost about an additional $75. Be sure to
flush your trans THOROUGHLY! Regards, Roger.

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