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Thu Apr 25 10:00:34 EDT 2002

Aren't there rules against SPAM on this list? If there aren't...there should be...


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Does this mean we're finally rid of Joel and his "mistaken" spam postings
of a week or so ago?

At 12:16 AM 04/25/2002 -0400, Brett Dikeman wrote:

>At 10:22 PM -0400 4/24/02, Joel Osserman wrote:
>>Now on ebay

Snip the blatant commercial

>-Just- what I was looking for!  I better hurry and bid, after all,
>there are SO many people with A4s here on the list that need floor
>mats, and they're SO rare and unusual(a4s or grey floormats, take yer
>pick), which surely why they were posted here by a business in
>contrary to the Audifans no-commercial-posts policy...but hey, that's
>okay, because you're really helpful, contributing to the list with
>the knowledge and experience you've gained as a professional in the
>field.  What a guy, always putting others ahead of himself.
>But...why...if I didn't know any better, I'd say the last couple
>lines of your sig file looked like an advertisement in and of
>itself...but like I said, you contribute so much, surely we can
>forgive you, right gang?
>(where's Unka Bart when you need 'em?)

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