Back from my CA road trip

Zsolt Kovacs zsolt1 at
Thu Apr 25 12:09:14 EDT 2002

Hi everybody,

Some of you may remember that I went for a road trip about a month ago.
I just got back and it was great! I drove from Calgary, Alberta to
Vancouver, and down along the coast on hwy. 101 and 1 then went inland
to the desert.

I was lucky with the weather as it was excellent as soon as I hit the
Oregon coast. I could drive with the roof down all the way, and Palm
Springs is the perfect place to be in the spring. I have a lot of great
pictures and I am going to post some of them on a web site as soon as I
have a chance to get to it.

I met some listers on the way as well. Thanks guys! It was great fun to
hang out and discuss our cars. Unfortunately I could not meet everybody
I would have liked to, as I took the fast way back, and drove up on I5
on my way home. As strange as it sounds there is such thing as too long
of a vacation. Seems like my limit is about 3 weeks before I start
itching to go home.

I got also inspired to modify my stock Olympic Edition 5k tq and I am
going to be asking for tips regarding turbo/intercooler and injector
mods, etc.

Thank you all,

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