Audi Fox/VW Fox. Basically the same car?

Burl Vibert blur at
Fri Apr 26 16:15:54 EDT 2002

Ti Kan wrote:
> Brian Roth writes:
> > 1. I was wondering if these two cars were sort of the same. I know there was
> > a large gap between when the last Audi Fox and the first VW Fox were
> > imported to the U.S. However, I think they are layed out the same
> > (longitudinal engine, fwd) and both use the 4 cyl engines.
> There are certainly lots of similarities, but aside from the engine
> and transaxle, very few other components are actually interchangeable
> between the two.
> > 2. I want to know if I could use a quattro transaxle and use the halfshafts
> > from a VW Fox to make a quattro VW Fox (or would that be synchro?). I think
> > the 4000 halfshafts are longer because the track is wider.
> No.  Neither the Audi nor the VW Fox unit bodies are quattro-compatible.
> The floor pans of these cars do not have the tunnel required to accommodate
> the driveshaft running to the rear axle, and the front tranny tunnel isn't
> wide enough for a quattro (016 or 01A).  They also don't have the proper
> mounting points for the rear independent suspension of the quattro.
> In fact, the FWD Audi 4000/Coupe and the 4Kq doesn't have the same
> floor pan either...  You'd have to do the same kind of surgery to turn
> a FWD 4000 into a quattro.
> > 3. I think I can handle installing the rear drive (I've done major vehicle
> > Frankenstein type surgery before).
> It's more than just installing rear drive...  You would have to cut away
> the 4Kq's floor pan and graft it onto the FWD car.  In the case of the
> Foxes, the wheelbases are shorter so there is more surgery to do...
> I can think of many more interesting and fruitful car projects than this.

Besides, it's been done. To a greater degree of insanity.

Burl Vibert
1987 5kcstq
Kingston, Ontario

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