10 vT EM?

JShadzi at aol.com JShadzi at aol.com
Fri Apr 26 22:28:47 EDT 2002

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<<Thanks Javad

I think we agree: Allmost anything is better than oe turbo EM :)
Those guys want to make some kind of tube header with modified
K-26. I´ll let You know how was it and what happened. >>

Yes, overall, but I still hold that if your goal is 250hp or less, no reason
to mess with the stock manifold, overall its a good design within' that
range, very good in the stock application.

> <<One more thing: Your A/R seems to be "light" as mine too, but
> Your compressor is quite big, if we think OE K-26 has 42 mm
> and Your T-3 has 57 mm wheel. How about turbine side, the 3rd
> stage hot side tells me nothing, because I´m not familiar with
> Garretts?>>

57 trim, not mm, the major diameter of my compressor wheel is 2.95" or about
74mm, the exh. turbine major is 2.559" or about 65mm

<< I mean what is turbine dia? If we think the ratio, it must
> be something like 65 mm and that means You are looking for
> 450-500 Hp?>>

Well, I'm looking for about 3-400hp, I don't know if 500 is realistic for a
10v on the street, even 400 is really pushing it.  Currently I'm running
about 14psi, I estimate (gtech pro) about 275-300hp flywheel on 91 octane,
anymore boost kindof pushes the ignition curves, plus, I can barely
accelerate on the street without killing someone or going to jail, not much
acceleration with other people around.

Next month I will be at the track, however, and I'd like to try as much as
20psi with 100 octane, should be interesting.

> <<ps.
> I would love to have a ride in Your car and would like to give You
> a ride
> >>

Likewise, fast Audi's are fun, I'm always open to giving rides to listers
(assuming them come to my house and country  ;)

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