AC removal causes oil leak?

Martin Pajak Martin at
Tue Apr 30 19:40:03 EDT 2002


There is one bolt that holds the oil pump on.
In some cases removal will not cause oil leak BTDT and in some it does (my friend BTDT).

Just slide that bolt back in with a spacer and you should be fine.

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From: Luis Felipe Patino <lfpatino at>
Date:  Tue, 30 Apr 2002 07:41:18 -0700

>As I mentioned a few weeks ago fixing my
>alternator got me started removing the dead ac in
>my 4kcsq.
>Continuing that job I just removed the compressor
>2 days ago, but hoping to lighten up my car to the
>max I even took the "angle piece" out (as the
>bentley calls the rear compressor swivel, held to
>the block by a long and a short bolts). Now my car
>is leaking oil.
>At first I thought that the culprit was the oil
>temperature sender, because I had found it wet and
>loose before the compressor removal, and oil drips
>from it; however, the AC side of the sway bar and
>subframe are soaked, and I remember a bit of oil
>having dripped out of the longer bolt holding the
>angle piece. Then after spending the night
>searching the archives I found "rumors" that one
>or both of these bolts actually go _through_ the
>block into oil passages instead of what had
>appeared to me as harmless dead-end threads.
>The rumors are looking pretty true to me now. Are
>they or not?
>I was thrilled at not having anything between my
>oil filter and me. Am I going to have to put the
>angle piece back to stop the leak or can I just
>put the bolts back by themselves, or replace them
>with shorter versions? loctite? did I trash
>anything by driving 2 days like that? (tiny oil
>loss of ~0.1 L)

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