Starter motor overhaul...

gerard gerard at
Tue Apr 30 22:59:47 EDT 2002

I put the alternator back together today. I got the pulley and fan
powdercoated in silver and I've managed to clean all the internals
pretty well. The brushes were fine, the bearings fitted nicely (who'd
have thought a spare household water tap and a deep 22mm socket would
make nice bearing presses? :)), and everything went back nicely. Spins
easily and quietly, so I'm happy.

I've now moved onto the starter motor. I've managed to disassemble it
following bits of the instructions in the Haynes manual, but it did take
a impact driver to remove the screws and where the Haynes says to remove
the brush holding plate from the assembly just doesn't work 'cos that
thing is part of the internal bits which are bolted down to the housing.
The instructions in the Haynes manual don't seem to describe this
starter motor though. It's a Bosch unit, but says "Made in South

I need some instructions from someone who has overhauled a starter motor
for the Audi 200.

Also, I took pictures, so before I actually get instructions on repair
I'd like to know expert on opinions on whether this is a lost cause. It
has been in the garage for the past year. There was some scaling from
humidity, but I'm not sure what the orange stuff is all about.

The orange stuff is on the carbon brush springs and it just flakes off
so I'm not entirely sure what it is.


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