Fuel pump removal tool 3214...I should have ordered it

Craig D. Niederst niederst at pghmail.com
Thu Aug 1 01:04:11 EDT 2002

I attempted to remove the fuel pump in my '92 100S this evening without the
special tool, and all I have to show for my efforts is a sore arm that
smells like gas. Looks like I am in the half that needs the tool :(. I tried
just about everything possible to turn the assembly out (leather glove,
screwdrivers, custom attempts to make a tool from wood, exhaust clamp,
etc.), and wasted 5 hours doing so. What a mess, and will probably have to
wait several days to get the tool. This is one job I probably should have
let my mechanic handle (even though he does not have the tool either).

'92 100S (99k)
'86 CGT (214k)

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