[urq] DAMMIT! Center diff casing failure

Martin Pajak martin at quattro.ca
Thu Aug 1 07:27:21 EDT 2002


Did you ever check the fluid level in the tranny?
The rear output shaft seal likes to leak, after a while you end up with an
empty tranny.
Another possibility is that it had a defect from factory but only the 20v
turbo made it apparent.
I have yet to hear of such failure on the 016.
Sorry to hear that.

Martin Pajak


1983 Audi Ur-quattro (269,000 km) Canadian spec. winter car
1985 Audi Ur-quattro (156,000 km) Euro spec. import ;o)

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> Fellow listers,
> This morning while cruising with my recently 3B-converted coupe quattro on
> my way to a mechanic's to have my Scorpion exhaust installed my car's
> center diff casing EXPLODED!!!
> Yep, a huge explosion noise and afterwards some pieces of metal running
> underneath the car... I immediately stopped and went back by foot to check
> what broke and found some pieces of metal on the road smelling a lot like
> tranny oil... so after inspection, the center diff's casing was open,
> showing its inside...
> I limped back home for 15 kms at about 30 km/h (impossible to do more than
> 35 km/h otherwise everything seemed to be wanting to explode) and
> here I am
> with a broken center diff casing, wondering why the hell it broke....
> Has anyone BTBrokeThat? Could excessive torque (like 1.4 Bar overboost
> pressure in 5th) cause such a failure?
> Thanks for your answers in advance,
> Mihnea :(
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